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Planning Your Military Move: Essential Resources for a Seamless Transition

Moving can be a stressful experience for anyone, but for military personnel and their families, it can be especially challenging. With frequent relocations and the need to adjust to new surroundings, a military move requires careful planning and the utilization of essential resources to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you are a service member or a military spouse, here are some key resources to consider when planning your next move.

– Military Relocation Assistance Program (MRAP): The MRAP provides valuable relocation support services to help military personnel and their families navigate the complexities of moving. Services may include counseling, relocation assistance, spouse employment support, and financial management assistance. MRAP can also help with housing options, area orientation, and other relocation-related services.

– Military Installations: Before you move, take advantage of the resources available on the military installations’ websites. These sites often provide information on housing, schools, medical facilities, recreation, and other essential services located at your new duty station. You can also find contact information for the military installation’s relocation office, which can offer guidance and support during the moving process.

– Military OneSource: Military OneSource is a comprehensive resource for military families, offering support and information on a wide range of topics, including relocation assistance. Through Military OneSource, you can access free counseling, relocation assistance, legal and financial resources, and information on benefits and entitlements. The website also offers tools to help you plan your move, such as a relocation calculator and information on your destination location.

– Defense Personal Property System (DPS): When it comes to moving your belongings, the DPS is an essential tool for managing your household goods. Through the DPS website, you can schedule your move, track your shipment, and communicate directly with your moving company. The website also provides helpful resources and information on the moving process, including tips for packing and preparing for your move.

– Military Family Support Centers: Many military installations have family support centers that offer a variety of services to assist with the relocation process. These centers may provide workshops on moving-related topics, networking opportunities, and information on local resources at your new duty station. They can also offer support for military families, including spouse employment assistance, counseling services, and child care resources.

– Department of Defense Housing Referral Network (HOMES.mil): If you are looking for housing at your new duty station, HOMES.mil can help you find available rental homes, apartments, and other housing options. The website provides access to housing listings and contact information for housing offices at military installations worldwide. It also offers resources for researching your new community, including information on schools, transportation, and local amenities.

– Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC): If you have children, the MCEC offers valuable resources to help them adjust to a new school and community. The organization provides information and support on education-related issues, including transitioning to a new school, finding resources for children with special needs, and advocating for military-connected children.

A military move can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, but with the right resources and support, you can make the transition as smooth as possible. By utilizing these essential resources, you can effectively plan and prepare for your move, ensuring a successful relocation for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to these resources for guidance and support during every step of the moving process.

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