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Moving from one military base to another has become second nature for many military families. The process of packing up and relocating to a new location, known as a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), is a lifestyle and career adventure for those who serve in the armed forces. From Base to Base: Military PCS as a Lifestyle and Career Adventure is a book written by military spouse and author, Breanna Hernandez. In her book, she shares her personal experiences as a military spouse and offers practical advice for navigating the challenges of frequent relocations.
For those in the military, PCS moves are an integral part of their career. Whether it’s a new assignment, a promotion, or a change in duty station, the need to relocate is a constant reality for servicemembers. These moves can be stressful and disruptive, but they also offer the opportunity for new experiences and adventures in different parts of the country or even the world.
From Base to Base sheds light on the unique experiences and challenges that military families face during PCS moves. Hernandez shares stories of resilience, adaptability, and the strength of military families as they cope with the demands of the military lifestyle. She also provides tips and resources to help military families navigate the logistical and emotional aspects of moving.
One of the main themes of From Base to Base is the importance of building a strong support network. Military families often rely on each other for emotional support, practical advice, and local knowledge when moving to a new base. Hernandez emphasizes the need for military spouses to connect with other families and build a sense of community in their new location.
The book also addresses the impact of frequent relocations on military children. Moving from one base to another can be disruptive for children, as they have to adjust to new schools, make new friends, and adapt to a new environment. From Base to Base offers advice for helping children cope with the challenges of moving and creating a sense of stability and security in their new home.
Ultimately, From Base to Base is a celebration of the resilience and strength of military families. It acknowledges the sacrifices and challenges of military life while also highlighting the opportunities for personal and professional growth that come with each PCS move. Hernandez’s book offers a valuable perspective on the military lifestyle and provides practical guidance for navigating the adventure of PCS moves.
As military families continue to relocate from base to base, From Base to Base serves as a valuable resource for those facing the challenges of PCS moves. It offers insights, support, and encouragement for military families as they embark on new adventures and build a sense of home wherever they go.

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