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Simplifying Military Relocations: The Latest Resources for a Hassle-Free Move

Military relocations are a fact of life for many service members and their families. Whether it’s a permanent change of station (PCS) or a temporary duty assignment (TDY), moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Fortunately, there are resources available to help simplify the process and make relocations as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

One of the most valuable resources for military relocations is the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). This online system allows service members to manage their household goods moves from start to finish. With DPS, service members can input their shipment information, track the status of their move, and communicate with their moving company. DPS also provides access to helpful resources and contact information for customer service support.

In addition to DPS, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) offers the Move.mil website, which provides a wealth of information and resources for military relocations. This includes detailed checklists for each stage of the moving process, as well as information on entitlements, claims, and reimbursement procedures. Move.mil also offers access to the International Customer Call Center, where service members can get assistance with their moving questions and concerns.

Another valuable resource for military relocations is the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS website. This site provides information on military bases and installations around the world, including housing options, schools, and community resources. MilitaryINSTALLATIONS also offers tools for creating a personalized relocation plan, with information on the local area, cost of living, and employment opportunities.

For service members and their families who are relocating overseas, the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) offers the Defense Travel System (DTS), which provides support for booking travel and managing travel expenses. DTS offers guidance on travel regulations, as well as tools for submitting travel vouchers and receiving reimbursement for relocation expenses.

For military families who are looking for support during the relocation process, the Military and Family Support Centers (MFSC) offer a wide range of services and resources. This includes relocation assistance programs, which provide guidance on finding housing, schools, and community resources in the new location. MFSCs also offer workshops and classes on topics such as financial planning, stress management, and coping with the challenges of relocation.

In addition to these official resources, there are also many online communities and forums where military families can connect with one another and share their experiences and tips for simplifying relocations. These communities provide a valuable source of support and information, as well as a sense of camaraderie and understanding from others who have gone through similar experiences.

With the help of these resources, military relocations can be made much simpler and more manageable. By taking advantage of the tools and support available, service members and their families can navigate the moving process with confidence and ease, knowing that they have access to the latest information and assistance for a hassle-free move.